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    The Great Blasket Island lies 3km off the the Dingle Peninsula in West Kerry, Ireland.  It provides the perfect vantage point from which to view the surrounding countryside of Slea Head, Mount Eagle, Mount Brandon, Sybil Head, and the Three Sisters.  There are some amazing views from the island stretching as far as the Skellig Rocks, the Iveragh Peninsula (Ring of Kerry) with the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks and Valentia Island.


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Cruise to Blasket Island

Morning Cruise:

10:00 to approx. 12:30/12:45

€30 Dingle Bay / Blasket Cruise

Depart: Ventry Harbour towards Great Blasket Island past Dunbeg prehistoric fort, Slea Head and Coumineoil Beach towards Blasket Sound, moor for a few minutes off Blasket Island (no landing) with views of Blasket village and beautiful Trá Bán [White Strand] and resident population of grey seals at Carraig Fhada. Return via “Wild Bank” in Dingle Bay with chance to see dolphins, minke whales and basking shark (in season). A short, often productive trip, sometimes in very calm morning sea conditions.

Afternoon Tour:

13:00 to 17:00

€45 Guided Eco Marine Tour

Depart:Ventry Harbour to Great Blasket Island (no landing) and view old deserted village, Trá Bán (White Strand) and seals. Continue to some of the outer islands depending on itinerary and weather conditions for the day, to view spectacular rock formations, puffins, Manx shearwaters and other seabirds. Return via open sea with chance to see dolphins, minke whales, basking shark (in season) and other species including humpback whales occasionally. Wildlife guide on board and also spotter / marine biologist. Our priority this trip is to show our passengers marine ecosystems and the marine habitats of not only cetaceans but also the extensive bird life around the Blaskets (including the always popular puffins) and also grey seal habitats and basking shark, sunfish and other species depending on the season.

Specialist Whale and Dolphin Tour:

13:15 to approx. 17:15/17:30


June 15th to Sept. 15th;

minimum 8 passengers (or special charter- enquire).

An extended dolphin and whale watching tour usually going out into the Atlantic to about the 100 metre depth contour depending on weather and sea conditions. No tour guide but experienced skipper and crew/ spotter. The vessel goes further out and is faster than the afternoon eco marine tour and is totally focused on trying to get to the optimum spots to view dolphins and whales. Of course there is no guarantee as any experienced whale watcher knows it is always a bit of a Nature Lottery! About 20 mile range from home port Ventry depending on weather and expected wildlife distribution. This trip needs a minimum of 8 passengers (otherwise passengers have option to go on afternoon tour with €5 refund) and no children on this trip under 16 years.

    Please note:  Booking is Essential!

How To Find Blasket Islands Eco Marine Tours

  1. 1.Leave Dingle Town on the R559

  2. 2.Go past the pier and the marina

  3. 3.Turn left at the roundabout at Milltown Bridge.

  4. 4.Follow signs for Slea Head Drive and Ceann Tra

  5. 5.Continue for approx 4 miles / 6 km until you enter Ceann Tra / Ventry village.

  6. 6.The pier is on the left towards the sea and the parking is to the right opposite the pub and post office.

  7. 7.Please do not block pier access.

You can enter their location into your GPS: 52.13171,-10.359733

The skipper is Mick Sheeran.  He has all the relevant Department of Marine qualifications and commercial endorsements and has over 30 years experience fishing, ferrying, and sailing in  the area waters.  He has brought over 100,000 people to the Great Blasket Island in safety over more than a twenty-year period.  

There has been an abundance of literature written about the Great Blasket Island.

Some of the most well-known works include:

“The Islandman” by Tomas O Criothain

“Twenty Years A Growing”

       by Maurice O’Sullivan

“Peg, My Own Story”  by Peig Sayers

“The Western Isle” by Robin Flower

“The Blaskets, Next Parish America”

        by Joan and Ray Stagles

“The Blaskets, A Kerry Island Library”

        by Muiris Mac Conghall

An excellent place to visit after a trip to the island is the Blasket Island Heritage Centre.

There is an impressive audio and visual

documentary of island life by Muiris Mac


The Eco Tour takes you to such places as Cathedral Rocks on Inis na Bro. and the puffin colony around Inisvickalaun, the island owned by former Irish Prime Minister Charley Haughey.  On the most remote of all the islands, Tearacht, from the boat you can see the westernmost lighthouse and the steepest funicular rail track in Europe, with all the buildings set in the steep, rocky face of the island.  On the Great Blasket Island, the unspoilt system of field division from the 18th century Rundale System is obvious.

    A large variety of wildlife can often be seen such as dolphins, sharks, whales, sunfish, puffins, terns, cormorants, shags, guillemots, gulls, choughs, etc. There are approximately 600 seals living in the colony on the Great Blasket Island.  The flat island of Beginnis

is a bird sanctuary.

    The islands’ natural architecture is extremely impressive from the boat.

Trish helps out at the former booking hut.

Skipper Mick Sheeran

Skipper Mick (center) and assistant Billy (on right)

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