Boat Trips to See Fungie

The Dingle Dolphin

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             Fungie The Dingle Dolphin

    The Dingle Dolphin or Fungie  (the name

given to him by the fishermen), is  a fully-grown, possibly middle-aged male bottlenose, Tursiops Truncatus.  He weighs in around

one-quarter ton (500 lbs.) and measures in the

region of four meters (13 feet).  Although it is

by no means unique to find these usually

social, open creatures living alone in a

“restricted” zone and befriending humans, it is

still a relatively rare world event, and Fungie is

Ireland’s first recorded occurrence.  From

observation of playful body scarring, it seems he does still frequently encounter other whales, dolphins, or porpoises, proving perhaps that he is neither true hermit nor outcast from his own kind, but rather that he is

simply content with his current circumstances.

No one really knows why some of these

creatures suddenly take to a solitary way of

life, but perhaps his insistence in maintaining it

and physical conditions would at least

indicate the area is a welcoming home with

not too many natural dangers.

    During the summer months, Fungie is often seen taking fish in the harbor’s mouth.  On

several occasions he has been seen

catching a fish commonly known as a
“Garfish,” a species which had not been

previously recorded as part of a dolphin’s diet.

During the winter months he must travel further afield for his nourishment.

    Not only is Dingle the home to an

exceptionally friendly bottlenose

dolphin named Fungie, it is also the

location of a Boatmen’s Association

which serves as a wonderful example

of sharing and cooperation.

    Fungie has chosen to make the Dingle Harbor his home since 1983.  In 1990, fully-licensed boat owners formed a cooperative association to bring

visitors out in the harbor to see Fungie.

    Nine boats form the Dingle Boatmen’s Association.  Throughout the day, boats leave the Dingle Pier to see Fungie all year round to see Fungie wild and free in his natural habitat.

    Group bookings and school tours are

also arranged.  Special events such

as weddings and birthday gatherings

are often conducted.

    Visitors on the tour greatly appreciate

that there is no charge if Fungie is

not seen.

    There is a one-hour boat trip to see

Fungie each day.


Twelve Years and Over:      16 euros

Under twelve years:               8 euros

Fares collected on boat

Phone:  00 353 66 9152626



Swimming Trips

With Fungie

There is a two-hour early morning swimming trip offered when there are

six interested individuals. 

Full wetsuit hire is available at Brosnans, Coleen, Dingle

Booking in advance is essential.

Phone:  00 353 66 9151146


Jimmy Flannery Jr. is the Chairman of the Dingle

Boatmen’s Association and the skipper of Steren An Mor.

Gillian and Joe help with Fungie Boat Tours.

Skipper Tom Sheehy of the Lady Laura.

Tom and Joe of the Lady Laura

Bridget and Jimmy Flannery Jr.

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