Donegal Bay Waterbus

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Location:  Tours departing daily from the

pier in Donegal Town.  The schedule is

dependent on tides.

Phone: 353 (0) 74 972366



The Donegal Bay Wayerbus is a state-of-the-art vessel which is fully air-conditioned.

It has a viewing deck and it is wheelchair-

friendly.  There is a tea/coffee lounge bar.

The Donegal Bay Water Bus is available for all occasions - school outings, private

parties, birthdays, corporate cruises, and weddings.

How To Get Here:

Donegal International Airport  Carrickfin, Kincasslagh, Co. Donegal
Tel: +353(0)74-95-48284

Fax: +353(0)74-95-48483

(Coaches) ADDRESS / INFORMATION Contact 
For those interested in coach travel to, from and within Donegal, there are many operators running luxury coach services to all parts of Ireland and the UK. Listed here are just a few.
McGeehan Coaches Fintown Post Office., Co. Donegal (Donegal - Dublin - Donegal)

Tel: +353 (0) 74 95 46150

Dohertys  Coaches Dungloe, Co. Donegal (Donegal - Glasgow - Donegal)
Plus private hire / functions

Tel: +353 (0) 74 9521105
Fax: + 353(0) 74 9521867

 Bus Éireann Bus Éireann provides Local and Expressway services with connections to any part of Ireland.

Tel:  +353(0)74-91-31008,  +353(0)74-91-21309,  +353(0)74-97- 21101

Feda O'Donnell Coaches Ranafast, Annagry, Co. Donegal   (Donegal - Sligo - Mayo - Galway)

What You Will See:

  1. 1. Burial Place of Red Hugh O’Donnell the

     1st and his wife Nuala

  1. 2. The Old Abbey - the Annals of the Four Masters were compiled here between

    1632 and 1636 A.D.

  1. 3. The Frenchman’s Anchor on the Pier

      the 5m 15 ton Napoleonic anchor from

      the French ship “Romaine.”

  1. 4. Ballyboyle Island - gets its name from the clan of the O’Boyles, the sub-chieftans of the O’Donnell’s of Donegal Castle

  1. 5. The Embarkation Point of emigrants to

     Canada and North America during the

      Famine years of 1845-1847,

  1. 6. The Old Booking Office and shop of the    White Star line.

  1. 7. The Rules of O’Boyle Castle - a

     preservation order has been placed

     on these interesting ruins

  1. 8. The Old Coast Guard Station - look-out

      tower of the British forces during

      World War 1.

  1. 9. The Hassans - departure point of the

     large ships known as coffin ships.

     The single fare to America was 2  


  1. 10. Views of Donegal’s Golf Course -

      par 73 golf course playable all

      year round

  1. 11.Rooney’s Island - home of the

      O’Malodory Clan who ruled prior to the


  1. 12. Belle’s Isle and Ruins of Castle

       home of extensive farmers Arthur 

       Foster and his wife Arabella                       

  1. 13. An Oyster Farm - oyster farm and mussel farm run by local farmers

  1. 14. Wildlife - inlcudes cormorants, cranes,

      ducks, swans, and oyster catchers

  1. 15. Seal Island - approximately 200

       Atlantic and Harbor seals live in this

       natural colony

  1. 16. St. Ernans Island and its Famine   Causeway - home of the landlord

      John Hamilton, a nephew of the Duke

      of Wellington

  1. 17. Views of the wind farm on Barnesmore


  1. 18. Rossylaonghan Estate - owned by

       Patrick McManus in 1912.  It was the

       first house in Donegal to produce its

       own electricity and had the first car

      in the area

  1. 19. Abbott Ireland Factory produces goods for the medical industry

      including intraveneous drips

  1. 20. Magherabeg  Abbey on Tullycullion

       Hill was a Franciscan Friary

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