The Flax Mill on Mill Lane in

Derrylane, in Dungiven, in Northern

Ireland was lovingly restored by

Hermann and Marion Baur.  They are

weavers and finishers of fine Irish

linen and wool.  They operate a

shop out of their mill.

    A visit to see their mill and their

handcrafts is truly one of Ireland’s

unique experiences, as they are one of

only a handful of people left

throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland who have kept the tradition alive

of making items with only natural fibers

such as flax and mohair and wool.

    Marion is a highly-trained weaver

who has enjoyed weaving since eight years of age.  She came from a family

with a strong tradition in Germany of the appreciation of textiles, as her father

was a master tailor and textile merchant.

She went to school for weaving and

traditional crafts.  Her crafted items

incorporate the tradition of an Irish

influence and the Bauhaus influence

of weaving.

    The items that Marion and Hermann

craft are available for purchase at their

shop.  To contact Marion and Hermann, they can be reached by:

phone:   + 44 (028) 7774 2655


Additional information about their

work can be found at their website:

Hermann sells their handcrafted items

at the St. George’s Market in Belfast

every Friday (from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

and most Saturdays from 9 a.m. to

3 p.m.

Hermann and Marion also take special

orders for a variety of hand-crafted

items such as linen shirts, vests, blouses,

blankets, and table-ware.

Hermann and Marion Baur

Mill Lane

Derrylane, Dungiven, Northern Ireland

BT 47 4QD

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