Father McDyer’s Folk Village Museum is a museum not to be missed!  It is set right outside the beautiful village near the beach in Glencolmcille in County Donegal.

    Father James McDyer moved to

Glencolmcille in 1951.  He realized that the area was in need of basic

services.  He worked tirelessly to introduce necessary services and facilities so that emigration from the area would be curtailed.

    Father McDyer was responsible for the establishment of a Community Centre and the introduction of electricity.  Road improvements followed and small business enterprises such as knitting and agriculture endeavors offered hope for the people living in the area.

    Father McDyer also spearheaded the Folk Village Museum project.

The Museum consists of thatched houses representing the cottage types of the area during the previous three hundred years complete with furnishings and artifacts donated by members of the

local community.

    Over the years the Museum has expanded with the introduction of a craft shop, school, shebeen

(illegal drinking place), and a teahouse.

phone:  (+) 353 (0) 74 9730017

             (+) 353  (0) 74 9730334

fax:        (+) 353  (0) 74 9730334

email:     folkvillage@eircom.net

website:  www.glenfolkvillage.com


Adult:  3 euros

Child:  2 euros



Mon-Sat:  10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sun:          noon-6 p.m.


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