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Location:           Glendalough House Equestrian

                            Glendalough House


                            Co. Wicklow



Phone:      +353 404 45116










Nestled within the heart of the 1,500 acre estate grounds of rolling parkland, pastures and woodlands, and situated in the Wicklow Mountains only 40 minutes drive from Dublin City along the main road to Glendalough…


Glendalough House Equestrian is four-legged fun!


Glendalough House, which has long been synonymous with outdoor activities and equitation, is excited to announce Glendalough House Equestrian as its newly refurbished riding facility. The centre fosters a caring passion for horses in all age groups by developing technical, physical and artistic expertise in a creative environment using proven educational frameworks. As well as catering to needs such as Trekking, Lessons, Schooling, Show-Jumping and Eventing, the Glendalough House Equestrian experience captures the sheer joy of sharing a journey through the Garden of Ireland’s most idyllic scenery with a trusty steed.


Open until 8pm, 7 days


Trekking & Picnic


Glendalough House Equestrian offers 28km of trekking and trail riding through a varying array of landscapes and over an assortment of terrains. Treks are planned to cater to the rider’s requirement and ability. Trails are maintained with nature at the fore and hacking through the Glendalough House grounds is designed to leave riders feeling refreshed having escaped the stress of modern daily life.


Trek Pricing


Adult               Child

1 hour                 €35                 €30

2 hour                 €50                 €40


The Glendalough House grounds offer some of the most beautiful scenery and spectacular views in the Garden of Ireland. To take advantage of these settings and to add to the sense of occasion that a trek at Glendalough House Equestrian affords, the Picnic Trek Experience has been put together to give riders time to relax and unwind in the idyllic surroundings whilst enjoying our ‘Brown Bag Lunch’ comprising a choice menu of sandwiches, water, fruit and a desert.


The Picnic Trek Experience can be booked at the same time as a trek or can be ordered at a later date, but needs a minimum of 24 hours prior notice to arrange and is supplementary to any trek.


Picnic Trek Experience Pricing


Brown Bag Lunch:               €15 per person




Feeling a little rusty or never ridden a horse before?! For those wishing to brush up on their technique or who simply want to try riding for the first time, Glendalough House Equestrian offers individual or group lessons for novice through advanced/competition riders.


                    Duration        Adult               Child

Trekking        1 hour            €35             €30

                      2 hour            €50              €40


Individual       40 min            €40             €35

Group            1 hour          €35               €25     (per person)


We really look forward to seeing you, but please be sure to book in advance!