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Location:  AlgAran

                   Cashlings, Kilcar

                   County Donegal, Ireland

Website: www.seaweedproducts.ie

Email:  algaranseaweed@gmail.com

Phone:   00353 (0) 74 9738961

Mobile:  +353 879170536

Offerings:  visitors welcome

                     walking tours

                      archaeological walks

                     harvesting weekend


AlgAran offers a wide range of

natural and organic seaweed products

Organic Trust Ltd License 778

  1. -freshly harvested seaweed from 

  unpolluted sources

-exclusive cold extraction technology

-no animal derivatives

-no animal testing

-no parabens

-no SLS

-no petroleum derivatives

Seaweeds contain all the minerals

existing on the planet, together with

Vitamins, aminoacids and


AlgAran processes the seaweeds

within few hours from harvesting

and transforms them into a wide

range of organic produce

Sea vegetables


remedies for any skin type

Edible Seaweeds

Eating seaweed can improve our

health and prevent illness

AlgAran sells high quality edible

seaweed products, at affordable prices

AlgAran experts can help you

finding the right seaweed for you

Seaweed Cosmetics

Natural and organic

Based on freshly harvested seaweed

Organic Aloe Vera

Organic Plant Extracts

Essential Oils

Especially formulated for dry skin!

Seaweed Soaps

No harmful detergent

No SLS No Parabens

No coloring matters

No perfume

Only natural & organic ingredient &

precious organic essential oils.