Lough Derg
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                        Three Day Pilgrimages

When does the pilgrimage begin?

The traditional Lough Derg Three Day pilgrimage commences on June 1st and runs each day until 13th August each year (The final day for pilgrims departing is 15th August).

Are bookings required?

Bookings are not essential for the traditional Three Day Pilgrimage. However for those willing to book in advance and avail of a special discounted price of €53 please Click Here .

Pilgrims can arrive at the lakeshore Visitor Centre from 10:30am to 3pm, with boats running regularly to the Island.

What should I bring

Pilgrims are advised to bring warm and waterproof clothing, rosary beads, sunscreen, insect repellent, personal toiletries and towel, change of clothing, and any prescribed medication. Please note mobile phones, laptops, ipods and MP3 players are not permitted for use during your pilgrimage. If you are a coeliac, you are advised to bring your own bread for toasting.

When does the fast begin and end?

Pilgrims begin their fast at midnight before arriving on the Island (water is permitted), and it ends on the third day at midnight. Pilgrims leave the Island at 10am on the third day. Often the greatest challenge is maintaing their fast back at home. One Lough Derg meal is permitted each day, which consists of dry toast and black tea/coffee. On the third day you should prepare a Lough Derg type meal for yourself. Soft drinks are also permitted on the third day.


What does the three day pilgrimage cost?

The cost price for the three day pilgrimage is €55 per adult. There is a special concession rate of €50 for Senior Citizens and Students. Please be advised that student cards must be presented in order to avail of this discount. Sterling rates apply.


Payment can be taken by cash, cheque, credit and debit cards.

What does the pilgrimage involve?

The pilgrimage involves three days of fasting, walking barefoot, repeating ‘station prayers', and maintaining a 24hour vigil. Please see THREE DAY PILGIRMAGE


I am diabetic; can I do the pilgrimage?

Pilgrims must be fit and able to walk and kneel unaided. Pilgrims must be able to fast and endure 24 hours without sleep. If in doubt, please consult your doctor before coming on to the Island.


I do not attend Church regularly; can I do the pilgrimage?

Pilgrims must be fit and able to walk and kneel unaided. Pilgrims must be able to fast and endure 24 hours without sleep. Lough Derg welcomes those from all religious practices and backgrounds and regular Church attendance is not a pre-requisite of completing the pilgrimage.


My son is fourteen; can he come to Lough Derg?

The pilgrimage is open to those aged fifteen and over. Young people aged less than fifteen may not possess the spiritual or mental maturity to endure the three-day pilgrimage.


I am in Ireland on holidays during July, can I visit Lough Derg for a few hours?

Unfortunately during the traditional pilgrimage season, 1st June to 15th August, other visitors are not permitted to the island out of courtesy and respect to those completing the three day pilgrimage. Visitors are most welcome to view our lake shore facilities, and watch the dvd playing in our visitor centre detailing the Lough Derg pilgrimage. Younger visitors may also like to view the M.V. St Patrick, the boat which would have carried many of their pilgrim ancestors to the island.

What time do the boats go across to the island

Pilgrims are asked to arrive anytime between 10:30am and 3:00pm with the last boat sailing at approx. 3:15pm

The sailing time is 5 minutes. Click here for the detailed sailing times.

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