Review of Fungie The Dingle Dolpin Boat Trip


   Thank you.  We were in Dingle for two days: August 20th and 21st. I have covered a lot of the south and east this year taking my family to my favorite places. I usually thank people as I find them, but the nature of your business did not allow me to do so. We dealt with three different members of your staff and really you are a credit to our tourist industry. While almost all businesses are primarily ‘pay up’ in this clime, money is the main factor and need not be so if a lesson was taken from your operation.

    We approached you on the Monday - my sea experience told me not a suitable day. You were willing to take us, but advised Tuesday be better. You took our booking for the first boat for Tuesday morning - no deposit - and only had one condition that we telephone you if we could not make it. On Tuesday morning came the same super welcome and being first on the list. The Guide was exceptional (had an English accent– didn’t get his name) but please advise him of a very kind act he is not aware of.  My 23 year old son-in-law was with us. The only reason to I was back in Dingle so soon again was his wish to see Fungie. He was singled out, educated on the habits of the Dolphin, and was the only one of our party to have good photos of Fungie as the guide took them for him. It made the short holiday for him as it was an effort for him. He is terminally ill with cancer and the guide had no way of knowing this. God Bless him. Once you give the service, you reap the rewards!! We were willing to pay for the best value for money in the south of Ireland tourist business and also at our leisure with a money back guarantee!!

    Well done and be proud of the effort and time afforded to your customers, especially the non-Irish hoping they take home what we did.


     Thank you.

    Leo F. Doyle


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