Tory Island is 12 km north of the

mainland in County Donegal.  It is

accessible from two ferries.

For ferry information from Bunbeg

contact Turasmara Teo

(+) 353 (0) 74953 1320

To leave by ferry from Magheroarty

contact  Ostan Thoraigh

(+) 353 (0) 86 810 8411

    Tory Island is an island of striking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.  Music, dance, and art are highly valued on the island.  Islanders are known for their independence and hospitality and perseverance.

    The islanders elect a king of the island and present king, Patsy Dan Rodgers, an artist and musician, often welcomes visitors with lively songs on his squeeze box.

    Walking the island is a real treat as

the views are breath-taking and

wildlife (rabbits, and over a hundred species of birds) is visible everywhere.

    The Dixon Art Gallery showcases

the art work of many of the artists on the island who are known for their

distinct style of painting which often

incorporates  folksy and primitive


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