Victoria’s Way
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Opening Times:  12:30 to 5:30 p.m.

May 1 to September 14

Admission:   2.50 euros per adult

Location:  Victoria’s Way

Mullinaveigue, Roundwood,

County Wicklow, Ireland

The Park covers 22 acres of beautiful County Wicklow.  There

are walks of different lengths and secluded spaces for quiet contemplation.

The sculptures of Victoria’s Way

were designed in Roundwood.  They were modeled and carved at our workshop in Mahabalipuram,

India by the Master Sculptor, T. Baskaran. 

-ten giant black granite sculptures from India

-six Irish sculptures

-a meditation path

-a philosophy maze

-a photo exhibition

-a craft shop

Telephone:  (00-353-1) 2818505


Find Dublin, take the N11 South past Bray.  At Kilmacanougue turn

right on to Route 755 for Glendalough.  It’s about 7 miles to